Sunday, September 25, 2011

9/23 & 9/24/11- Reds @ Pirates (PNC Park)

Well this day was filled with rain and cloudy weather. There was no BP, and there wasn't even any players on the field, but I still luckily ended up with a ball. It was tossed to me by an usher that found 2 baseballs, one was tossed to me, and the other was tossed to fellow ballhawk Erik Jabs.

My best game as a ballhawk!
It was my last game of the season, so I was hoping to end the year with a bang. Since it was a Saturday game, the gates opened at 4:30 (Which they should every day). I started the day with 98 lifetime baseballs, 2 away from triple digits!
I found my first ball of the day, which doesn't happen much at PNC anymore, because of the sweepers (ushers).
My second ball of the day and 100th lifetime, was tossed to me by Pirates pitcher Aaron Thompson. I was hoping to get him to sign it, but I couldn't get his attention again.
My third ball was a toss up from Dave Sappelt.
My fourth ball was tossed to me in center field, by an unknown Reds player.
My fifth ball was crazy. Myself and Zac Weiss were down the first base line, when we both called for Francisco Cordero to toss us a ball, I don't know who he was throwing it to, but it took a crazy bounce and hit my chin.
My sixth ball, with a hint from Zac Weiss, was snagged behind the Reds dugout as they were leaving the field after BP.
After BP, I was happy with a career high tying 6 balls!
But I wasn't done! In the top of the second, I snagged Alex Presley's warm-up ball for my seventh and new career high ball of the day.

It sucks that I couldn't upload the picture of my 100th lifetime baseball on here, I will put it on my Facebook though.

8 balls at these 2 games.
34 balls at 23 games this season.
1.48 balls per game.

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