Sunday, September 25, 2011

9/23 & 9/24/11- Reds @ Pirates (PNC Park)

Well this day was filled with rain and cloudy weather. There was no BP, and there wasn't even any players on the field, but I still luckily ended up with a ball. It was tossed to me by an usher that found 2 baseballs, one was tossed to me, and the other was tossed to fellow ballhawk Erik Jabs.

My best game as a ballhawk!
It was my last game of the season, so I was hoping to end the year with a bang. Since it was a Saturday game, the gates opened at 4:30 (Which they should every day). I started the day with 98 lifetime baseballs, 2 away from triple digits!
I found my first ball of the day, which doesn't happen much at PNC anymore, because of the sweepers (ushers).
My second ball of the day and 100th lifetime, was tossed to me by Pirates pitcher Aaron Thompson. I was hoping to get him to sign it, but I couldn't get his attention again.
My third ball was a toss up from Dave Sappelt.
My fourth ball was tossed to me in center field, by an unknown Reds player.
My fifth ball was crazy. Myself and Zac Weiss were down the first base line, when we both called for Francisco Cordero to toss us a ball, I don't know who he was throwing it to, but it took a crazy bounce and hit my chin.
My sixth ball, with a hint from Zac Weiss, was snagged behind the Reds dugout as they were leaving the field after BP.
After BP, I was happy with a career high tying 6 balls!
But I wasn't done! In the top of the second, I snagged Alex Presley's warm-up ball for my seventh and new career high ball of the day.

It sucks that I couldn't upload the picture of my 100th lifetime baseball on here, I will put it on my Facebook though.

8 balls at these 2 games.
34 balls at 23 games this season.
1.48 balls per game.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Games, One Post

9/7/11 - Astros @ Pirates (PNC Park)
This day was my birthday, I was hoping for a present from the ballhawk gods, and I got it! I snagged three balls at this game.
First, was hit by an unknown Pirate, the ball bounced at the warning track, when I reached over the wall, and it went into my glove.
Second, was hit by Jimmy Paredes, this snag was a ground rule double, that was hit directly at me.
Third, was a toss-up on the Clemente Wall, from Astros coach Doug Brocail.

9/9/11 - Marlins @ Pirates (PNC Park)
Another good day at PNC, snagged four balls.
First, was a toss-up from Marlins pitcher, Brad Hand.
Second, was hit by catcher John Buck, it bounced off a row of bleachers, and I had myself positioned perfectly for the rebound into my glove.
Third, was a toss-up in Section 140, from Burke Badenhop.
Fourth, was hit by John Baker, I was in Section 144, when it was hit very close to me, it looked like it was going higher than it actually did, so I ran up two rows, it orginally fell short, but a lucky bounce near me helped me pick up the ball.

Also, my cousin Josh was at this game, after I snagged the Baker ball, I ran back down to 140, to help Josh get a ball, I got a Marlins pitcher to toss a ball to him, it was either Badenhop or Hensley.

9/13/11 - Cardinals @ Pirates (PNC Park)
This day was slower, but I was content with the two balls I snagged in somewhat weird ways. To start off, I have to say that Cardinals BP is always disappointing, it should be 10 times better than it is, with sluggers with Pujols, Berkman, Holliday, and Molina.
Well, I didn't snag my first ball at this game until around 5:40. It was crazy, I was in 140, I was walking up a few rows where I noticed a ball lodged between a seat, and there was a guy sitting two seats over from it, I don't think he noticed it, well if he would have he would have picked it up, but he just sat there, and then I picked up the ball.
My second ball, was tossed to me by a cop after BP, it was laying on the steps by the bullpen, I asked him if he could grab the ball for me, he did.

9 balls at these last 3 games.
26 balls at 21 games this season.
1.24 balls per game.

*I am obviously three balls away from 100 lifetime, and I will be at 2 of the last 3 Pirates home games, against the Reds, wish me luck!

Friday, August 26, 2011

8/23/11- Brewers @ Pirates (PNC Park)

Sorry, this is over a week late.

Highlight of the day: I met Zack Hample.
What sucked? Everything else. I got shutout, I didn't get any autographs, I really didn't try too.
Whats worse? I had to perfect chance for a ball during the Pirates portion of BP, but they both bounced off my glove, and were snagged by another ballhawk.

0 balls at this game.
17 balls at 18 games this season.
Under one ball a game.

My next game? September 7th, my birthday!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

8/17/11 - Thunder @ SeaWolves (Jerry Uht Park)

I spent 5 days in Erie last week, missing some of the Pirates homestand. I didn't care though, I was happy to be up in Erie, I went to this game, went fishing, and ate lots of food, and worked out.

Anyway, the Erie SeaWolves were playing the Trenton Thunder, the Yankees AA team.
(I'm sorry about this, but the pictures are small and messed up)
After I got into the stadium, I walked out to the outfield walkway to find a ball laying there, I picked it up, and then I saw some players signing down the 3rd base side, so I went down for autographs. That's where I got SeaWolves infielder, Shawn Roof, to sign the ball I found.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(In the last two games, I've attended in Erie, I've gotten an autograph, and last year a bat.)

Not alot to say about the game, I was focused on trying to get a foul ball, 3rd out ball, or any type of sovenier.

Here is a picture of the stadium during the game from down the first base side.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I left Erie on Saturday morning, but Friday I bought something really awesome. It was a 36 pack box of 1991 Topps baseball cards.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I bought it for $5 at a card store. Awesome find, I think.

My next game is the Pirates/Brewers game on Tuesday night, my only game out of the homestand.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

8/5/11- Padres @ Pirates (PNC Park)

Following my 5th shutout of the season, and my strange stats I've put up since the end of June, I was just looking to get on the board early, and get some autographs.
When the gates opened, we ran in, and once again I didn't find any Easter eggs, but I'm pretty sure another ballhawk found one, that doesn't happen much anymore.
I got my first and only ball of the day thrown to me by Jason Grilli.
About a minute after I got that ball the Pirates began leaving the field, as they were, I luckily got Alex Presley to sign my Pirates ball that I've been bringing to games.
And then, when the Padres came out, BP became boring, very boring.
From what I saw, the Padres hit 5 homers ALL of BP. While I was still in the bleachers, I got the Padres all-star closer Heath Bell, to sign my Padres hat. (Which I will display and never wear again).
Then I moved over to sections 139-141 to try for another toss-up. I got Padres pitcher Ernesto Frieri to throw a ball my way, it was thrown directly at me, but I lost it in the sun, and it was a little underthrown.

The Padres won the game 15-5. Now, on Monday as I am writing this, the Padres swept the Pirates. The Pirates are currently on a 10 game losing streak, with a series starting in San Francisco tonight.

1 ball at this game.
17 balls at 17 games this season.
1 ball per game.

By the way, I will miss the Cardinals and Reds series during the next Pirates homestand. I will be in Erie that week, I will be attending another Erie SeaWolves minor league game while I am there. My next MLB game could be August 22nd in Cleveland, but if not. I will be at the Brewers vs. Pirates at PNC the next day.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

8/1/11- Cubs @ Pirates (PNC Park)

Sorry for the late update, folks.
Nothing important here to talk about, I got shutout. Only had 2 or 3 chances to snag a ball.
I got Michael McKenry's autograph finally, after like 3 tries.
My cousin Josh came to the game with me, he snagged 2 balls, both were thrown, one by Kevin Correia, other by Xavier Paul.

0 balls at this game.
16 balls at 16 games this season.
1 ball per game.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

7/22/11- Cardinals @ Pirates (PNC Park)

Good thing about this post? Theres pictures!
Only because I am tired of posting pictureless blogs of games, so I am using a friends computer.
Well, this day was hot, very hot. Other than the temperature, it was going to be a great day for ballhawking... Until it started to rain! AGAIN!
So, no BP, for the second game in a row for me.
While trying to get an autograph from James McDonald, I also asked Herbie for a ball, he threw it to me in the bleachers from the bullpen, it was the only ball for me at this game.
After the sun came back out, the tarp was taken off the field.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
...And then it was put back on the field.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
There was another rain delay.
The game was scheduled to begin at 7:35.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The game was too crowded to move around, so there were no chances for a game ball.
I left the stadium around 9:15.
Below: What I collected at this game.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1 ball at this game.
16 balls at 15 games this season.
1.07 balls per game.